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New Roofs Glasgow are part of Collins Roofing & Solar Solutions who have been trading for over 10 years.


We have all of the required credentials and will provide you with all warranties, paperwork and guarantee's for your new roof.

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Full asbestos garage roof strip off completed in Giffnock, East Renfrewshire.

The job involved:

Removing the old asbestos sheets ✅
New wooden joists where required ✅
New plastasol coated metal roof sheets ✅
New gutters and downpipes ✅
Roof over-cladding installed ✅
Laying insulation ✅
Front, side and corner flashings ✅

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"the 2 workmen can on time, were very efficient and polite. Cleaned up after. The job looks fantastic. feel as though i have a new roof. Very happy. I would recommend this company to everyone, with confidence"
recommended roofer Glasgow
Angela Rodie, Glasgow
Overclad Asbestos Garage Roof


New Roofs Glasgow is owned by Collins Roofing & Solar Solutions who are garage roof repair and replacement specialists.

We have over 10 years experience repairing and replacing garage roofs in Glasgow and across Central Scotland.

With over 5 garage roofs completed every single week, choose a specialist garage roofing company for optimum results.

"really well run and friendly roofing company, new garage roof was installed in under 1 week and looks great, lots of good advice given"
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Irene McAllister
New garage roof Glasgow Southside

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"Very impressed with Tommy and his team at Collins roofers, fast and efficient clearly grafters who know their job well, replaced my garage roof in no time and completed tests to show me why the problem should not return for many years, top class!"
recommended roofer Glasgow
Andrew McGarvey
Garage Roof Relplacement Glasgow

Garage roofs We Replaced

Garage Roofs

Garage roof replacement, including asbestos over clad, full removal and replacement.

Garage Roof Replacement

Garage roof replacement in Bearsden, East Dunartonshire.

Garage Roof Repair

Garage roof repair in Paisley, Renfrewshire.

Asbestos Overclad Garage Roof

Asbestos overclad garage roof in Glasgow.
"What a great wee local business, found Tommy on Google so glad we did, quote was cheaper than other roofers in Glasgow and they done a fantastic job replacing our flat roof."
best roofing companies in Glasgow
Laura J
New flat roof in Glasgow

Garage Roofs Glasgow

Garages are a common feature of our residential homes, with single garage in particular being more common in Glasgow and Scotland. Garage roofs often have faults and need replaced or repaired, which can often go unnoticed for long periods of time. If you have just noticed that your garage roof has been dripping water i or has water ingress, it is time to consider a new garage roof. We have a range of options to ensure your new garage roof is one that will keep the space safe and dry long-term, but will also enhance the overall look.

Garage roof repair or garage roof replacement?

Garage roof installation, replacement, and repair is and should be a part of people’s lives who own one. First and foremost, if you just constructed a brand-new garage, you should get some things straight. First is the budget part of it. Keep a margin ready to spend it particularly for the garage roof. You are the better judge of how much you can afford, and this decision can be taken in line with your spending capacity. Now find a roofing partner. Look for one with a reputation to vouch for and the one which can serve best in your budgetary capacity.


If you already have a garage roof, there is an important need for monitoring it for a longer run. Remember repair costs less than replacement. You should be able to keep a track of the functioning of the roof, check for repairs, and make some if needed. If it seems out of your reach, you can always consult professional roofing solutions and they will lend you professional help in analyzing whether or not your roof needs repairs. You can extend the lifecycle by years if you keep on actively monitoring the space.


Then comes the worst-case scenario. Sometimes, the damage is just so extreme, that the repair cost is on the higher end than the replacement cost. This happens when you keep on ignoring those puddles on the floor or the continuous drips from the roof for a long time. In these cases, it is highly recommended to go for a complete replacement. This will save you some cost in the long run and also help you save time and effort.


Garage roof repair

You need to incubate a routine roof checkup into your schedule. There are a lot of things that can help you consider whether the garage roof needs repair and at what frequency. First is the age of the roof. If it has been a considerable amount of time, you might find it in your benefit to call for an inspection before it collapses on your beloved car. If the roof has been dripping for a while, you do not need any other calculation. This factor is crucial enough to call your roofing partner at once. Also, look for Curling and buckling which might happen due to continuous sun exposure to shingle roofs. Roof valleys are another clue. The missing area or the slightly compressed area that looks like a gorge is your ‘get to go’ point.

Garage roof choices

Garage roof choice is categorical to the geographic location of your garage. Roofs are directly impacted by the kind of weather and it is essential to choose the material after you have considered all this. If your roof needs minor repairs, you can call your roofing partner and get it done. If you need an entire roof replaced, many options have stood the test of time and have gained popularity due to their durability and design. You can choose from these:

Rubber garage roofs (EPDM)

EPDM is short for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer rubber which is known for its durability. This Rubber is a complete alternative to the bitumen and is easy to install. Perfect for flat roof applications, in this case, a garage, EPDM is an all-purpose, extremely durable with a 50-year life expectancy and 25 guarantee, and easy to install roofing solution which comes with a single-ply waterproofing membrane making your garage fully waterproofn 

Asbestos garage roofs

Asbestos garage roofs have gained popularity owing to the very high tensile strength as well as flexibility. These roofs are decking up garages in many geographic locations as the roof is resistant to electricity, chemicals, termites, and most importantly – heat. It is pocket friendly and has better longevity than plastic or wood.

Asbestos over clad garage roofs

If your garage is already layered with asbestos sheets that need repair, this roofing solution will over clad those with brand new sheets. This process is popular because it means you will experience minimal disruptions and reduces the cost considerably.

Garage roof cost

We have been serving Glasgow, Lanarkshire, and the Greater Glasgow area for over 10 years. With our efficiency and technique, we are shining proudly on countless homes and garages. We provide all kinds of roping solutions with repair and maintenance. Our customers have been our most valued testimonials for a decade, and we are proud of our workforce who are not only the best in the industry but also with dedication and hard work have carved a niche for better roofing solutions.

We are here to serve you on a budget for your choosing. A new garage roof cost in Glasgow and Central Scotland varies from a range of £1200 to £3000, each roof is different and we really need to see to provide a more accurate cost. Feel free to call 0141 465 5460 for a ballpark quote on the phone or complete the contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


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