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"I would highly recommend Tommy and his team, very professional. Tommy gave me a reasonable quote, showed me choice of tiles, kept in contact and arrived to do the job when he said he would. Tommy organised everything including scaffolding and the skip, he also got back in touch ensuring everything was okay once the job was finished. Great service& great level of workmanship thank you."
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Amanda O'Hara
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New Roofs Glasgow is owned by Collins Roofing & Solar Solutions who are located in Bishopbriggs on the north side of Glasgow.

Due to a large percentage of our roofing work being new roofing contracts for full roofs, garage roof replacement and repair, flat roofs and various other jobs, we decided to create a separate website to showcase this work.

"I Highly recommend Tommy and his boys ,just had my roof fully stripped back and re tiled .absolutely top class ,very tidy and professional workers .thanks again mate"
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"really well run and friendly roofing company, new garage roof was installed in under 1 week and looks great, lots of good advice given"
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Garage Roofs

Garage roof replacement, including asbestos over clad, full removal and replacement.

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Flat roof replacement including EPDM firestone rubber roofs.

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Complete roof replacement contracts.


Roof tiles stripped back and replaced.
"What a great wee local business, found Tommy on Google so glad we did, quote was cheaper than other roofers in Glasgow and they done a fantastic job replacing our flat roof."
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New Roofs Glasgow

A good roof is proof of a healthy living space and proud home. Any building, be it your home, garage, or business space, has its own set of pre-requisites. Just, for example, you need an electricity connection, the flooring or the water supply to keep it going, the roof over your head is equally crucial. We have come a long way from the time when a roof meant anything from thatched waterproof layering material to modern- technologically advanced and better roofing systems. These roofs that we talk about stand the test of time and maintain the integrity as well as safety of the entire construction.

Sign You Need A New Roof

Just like everything else, your roof is also going to go through the usual wear and tear owing to the continuous sun exposure, ghastly winds, or any other extreme weather condition. Now the pickle is how to judge whether or not a roof is at the end of its lifecycle. You can evaluate this case either by calling for a professional inspection, where you will be seeking a professional opinion on whether the roof is good to go, or it needs repairing. You can extend a few years of its life if you can make that call one time. You can also check and decide on your own if it is time to repair the roof or replace it completely. Signs you require a new roof include:

  • There are a considerable number of leaks
  • Your roof looks like a puzzle with curled or missing tiles. The overall look seems too worn out or cracked
  • There are a lot of stains and streaks just along the exterior walls of your construction.
  • Your roof surface is now infested by moss and moulds
  • The underside of the roof decking is staining or sagging
  • You are noticing missing or loose flashing just around the chimneys and vents across the roof.

It is always good to keep an eye on the roof. Just as they say’ the best time to repair a roof is when the sun is shining”, and yet many people fail to judge their roofing situation until the ceilings start leaking and they start noticing puddles on the floor. It is always better to schedule routine inspections of the roof before it is very late. This is the only way to stay updated with the roof condition and to avoid any kind of trouble in the future.

The preventive roof repair and maintenance works on one basic principle, it is better to fix what needs repair before it goes out of hand and you are forced to change the entire roof. You can choose any kind of roof repair to extend the life of the existing roof. Here are some of the repair types that you will be possibly looking at.

Costly Repairs & Maintenance

Most customers we carry out installations for tell us they are sick and tired of throwing good money on ongoing repairs and maintenance. Some of these repairs include:

Flat Roof Repair

Flat roofs are very common, and these roofs require a continuous health check as they are prone to direct impact with rain or other precipitations owing to the less or no slanting variations. Every flat roof needs to be maintained and checked for repairs because each delay will cause extreme aggravation – Be it a commercial building or a residential one. Repair in time will save you from higher expenses in the future.


Metal Roof Repair

When it leaks from a metal roof, the leaking is usually intermittent. It gets frustrating when the metal roof loses the zest just because you avoided it for a considerable amount of time. Roof metal is prone to expansion and contraction at seams of the roof penetrations and panels due to extreme weather conditions. So, the best option is to keep invigilating before it goes out of hand.


Shingle Roof Repair

If your roof comes under this category, you need to note that shingles are categorically difficult to access and repair because these roofs are usually steep high. These roofs get damaged due to penetration leaks most likely as that of a skylight, roof vent, roof flashing, etc.


Roof Tile Repair

The concrete roof tiles are pretty common. These roofs are damaged due to the tiles getting damaged. That can be due to a lot of factors including weather, improper roof tile installations, Improper roof membrane installation, etc. If the membrane of the roof tile system is compromised in the first place, that means the integrity of the water tightness is also under question. Keep a check on the membrane and keep invigilating for damages.


Skylight Repair

This need arises particularly because the skylight has not been installed properly in the first place. Installing one requires proper flashing and curbs. If the technician was not good in the first place, you will be looking at a repair need arising way too soon. Also, keep a check on the skylight membrane or the back pan to check for water leaks if any.

Replace or Repair?

Deciding on getting a new roof or having a repair can be a difficult decision. You need to consider a lot of options and scrutinise each of them very carefully to see what suits you before you make the call. Installing a new roof is a decision that will have positive reverberations for a long time. You need to make sure that the roofing partner you choose is a reliable one with a good track record. It is always a good option to chalk out your budget first. Calculate how much you are willing to spend on the new roofing. This will pretty much solve half the decision dilemma and the rest of it will be solved by looking for a responsible roofing solution option.


New Roof Materials

If  you are considering replacing the existing roof and you are at the stage in the process of looking for the best material to use, you will realise this can be daunting. There are dozens of options at your helm (which is not always a good thing!). Choosing the type of material is essential to ensure your roof will stand the test of time, you can do a little research yourself, however we are the professionals and are always on hand to advise.. The types of roofing material also varies as per the geographical location, in Glasgow and Central Scotland, the most crucial impact on your roof is the weather. This should always be considered when choosing from:


  • Metal (Aluminium)
  • Slate Tiles
  • Flat Asphalt
  • Asphalt Composition Shingles
  • Rubber
  • Plastic Polymer
  • Clay Tiles
  • Concrete Tiles
  • Rosemary
  • Lead
  • Felt


We are always happy to discuss different the types of new roof suitable for your job. You will have a good range of options and expert advice.

New Roof Installation Glasgow

Flat roof installation

A flat roof is designed as a continuous or in many cases, a monolithic surface, and is a very common roofing option. You will be looking at a membrane or single-ply system, built-up roofing is known as BUR and modified bitumen also known as MBR


Rubber Roof Installation

A rubber roof is commonly known as EPDM short for ethylene propylene diene terpolymer. It is cost-friendly and a hundred percent waterproof. Rubber is long-lasting, so you have that advantage of playing for you as well.


Garage Roof Installation

This is as obvious as the name. Garage roofs are roof refurbishments that make your garage waterproof, safe, and that too without compromising on the security of the structure. This is usually done by putting roofing sheets, the material on which depends on your choice


Lead Roof installation

Lead is known for its application in roofing as one of the sustainable materials all credit to its super malleability and durability. Lead roofs have been gaining an edge for the strength that they have to offer


New tiled roofs

Tiled roofs are as old as time, but continuous innovations in terms of material and process have made this one of the most preferred roofing options of all time.


New slate roofs

Slate roof installations are not just trendy, but they will last for decades if the slate material is chosen properly and then taken care of.


New rosemary roofs

The Rosemary is synonymous with clay tiles which are now used in roofing with a distinction of high-quality material, better-looking design, and amazing durability.


Asbestos over-cladding

Asbestos has been an old friend for people who like to have a roof resistant to weather damaging or leaks. These roofs are easy to check for leaks and they also look good.

New Roof Cost in Glasgow

We are proud of the work and the experience our has team has gathered on various roofing contracts in and around Glasgow carries it’s own value. Our roof installation process well drilled making your new roof installation experience swift and hassle-free. All you need to do is make a call and we will arrange for a free inspection. 

It’s very difficult to provide a blanket cost for a new roof, however we can assure you our costs are competitive and that we make and effort to cater to specific budgets. The cost of a full new roof in Glasgow is at a range of £4k – £40k.

The best idea is to get in touch today to arrange a free quote.


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